The wonderful REPRESENTATIVE ACTORSi is now available on your Kindle, full of good stories – starting  in Shakespeare’s time.  Here’s one of the earliest:   ‘Though women were not admitted to the stage till the return of King Charles, yet there was still a necessity, for some time, to put the handsomest young man into petticoats – which Kynaston was then said to have worn with success. The King (Charles II) coming a little before his time to a tragedy found the actors then not ready to begin, when his Majesty, choosing not to have as much patience as his good subjects, sent to them to know the meaning of it, upon which the master of the company came to the box, and rightly judging that the best excuse for their default would be the true one, fairly told his Majesty that the queen was not shaved yet; the King, whose good humour loved to laugh at a jest as well as to make one, accepted the excuse.’