K.I.S.S. Guide to Astrology

K.I.S.S. Guide to Astrology

The KISS guide to astrology, in the Keep It Simple Series published by Dorling Kindersley is perhaps our most successful attempt so far to bridge the gap between popular and 'real' astrology. We have made calculating and interpreting birth-charts even more simple, and the book's designers have succeeded in making the pages look easy and good fun, as well as providing all the necessary charts and diagrams.

Two well known colleagues have kindly written Introductions, and have been generous in their praise:

In the English edition - the two editions are identical, by the way - Britain's best-known astrologer JONATHAN CAINER (of the Daily Express) writes: 'Derek and Julia Parker may seem like an innocent couple of astrology teachers, but they are a very, very naughty pair. They wickedly, brazenly break the rules by which this dry, complex subject is normally taught. They make astrology fun. They make it easy and then . . . they slowly infect you with a burning desire to find out more . . . And boy, do they know their stuff. If you stick with them, you'll know yours.'

In the American edition - the two editions are identical, by the way - ERIC FRANCIS, astrology columnist for American Online, writes that we 'do something very Promethean, which is to make the too-often-out-of-reach fire and light of astrological reason accessible to the people who will benefit from it most, such as you and me.'

The KISS GUIDE TO ASTROLOGY is published by Dorling Kindersley (ISBN in the US is 0-7894-6044-0, ISBN in the UK is 0-7513-2713-1) should be on the shelf at your local bookstore, or you can order it direct from amazon.com by clocking on the ikon on our opening page.

K.I.S.S. Guide to Astrology

K.I.S.S. Guide to Astrology

Learn more about this book and the whole KISS series at kiss.dk.com

Parker's Astrology Pack

Parkers' Astrology Pack

With all our books, we have aimed to build bridges between the Sun-sign books which are so popular, and 'real' astrology. Of course it is good fun to read about 'Aries' and 'Taurus' and the rest - and it is astonishing how accurately the Sun-sign characteristics mirror a person's personality. But true astrology, which works from the date, time and place of birth to draw up a chart showing the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the moment and from the place of your birth, is so much more interesting - and can tell you so much more about yourself, your lover, your friends!

Parkers' Astrology Pack provides the easiest way yet devised for the complete beginner to set up a complete birth-chart and begin to interpret it!

Inside the box you will find a blank birth-chart, and simple tables which enable you to fill it in, showing all the planets' positions - and then, by means of a simple see-through plotter, to note the angles they make to each other (the way professional astrologers begin to work out how they affect the 'owner' of the horoscope or birth-chart).

You have no calculations to do at all! - even the Midheaven and Ascending Sign, which usually have to be calculated, can be easily found by running a ruler across a page! There are also two 'wheels' which you can turn to indicate the traditionally associations of the twelve signs - the cars, holidays, clothes, cities, image, plants, colours associated with each sign and of course a book showing in detail how to interpret the chair.

This really is an excellent way to progress from a mild interest in the Sun-sign columns in your daily newspaper or weekly magazine, to the true astrology which has been practised for over five thousand years, and which you will find absolutely fascinating (the thing about astrology is that once you start using it, you need never be bored again!) This pack makes an excellent present - and entertaining and well-designed stickers showing the signs and planets and the associations of the signs make it possible to make up a really handsome chart to present to a friend or member of your family.

Parkers' Astrology Pack is published by Dorling Kindersley in the UK, USA and Australia, and in translation in a number of other countries.

Of course, once you have got that far, you may well want to go further - and if so, you will need Parkers' Astrology.

The Sun and Moon Signs Library

Twice Twelve

Most serious astrologers start out with an interest in the Sun-signs, which is why we have never been ashamed of writing Sun-sign books - though we have always taken space, somewhere in them, to explain that they are just first steps in the subject. We have also tried to provide interesting 'gift books' which hopefully foster an interest in the subject which may take readers further into it. Two sets of books in print at present fit into this category:

The Sun and Moon-Signs Library consists of twelve beautifully illustrated books with brilliant Sun-sign paintings by Peter Lawman on the jackets. They concentrate on the influence the Moon has on your Sun-sign, showing how the earth's little satellite can modify the influence the Sun has on your character and personality. Simple tables tell you what sign the Moon was when you were born - and there is a separate book available for each of the twelve Sun-signs. So whether you have a Cancer Sun-sign and a Gemini Moon-sign, a Taurus Moon-sign and a Libra Sun-sign - or any other combination - you will find yourself and your personal characteristics entertainingly described. And of course you can find out a great deal about your lover and friends by consulting 'their' books!

These inexpensive books available in the UK, the USA, Australia and in several European languages.

Love Signs

Love Signs

If you have read this far, you will have realised that everyone has not only the Sun and Moon in a Zodiac sign in their birth chart, but also all the planets. The positions of Venus and Mars have an effect on our love- and sex-lives, and in these twelve books, uniform with the Sun and Moon Signs Library, we show how their positions can reveal fascinating facts about our capacity for love and affection, how compatible we are with other people, how we cope with both short- and long-term relationships.

These books - one for each Sun-sign - have simple tables which show where Mars and Venus were when you were born, and add a fascinating gloss to the Sun-signs. You meet a gorgeous Scorpio - but look, he has Mars in Aries and Venus in Virgo. And what does that mean? We're not telling you - but you will find out on pages 34 and 24 of the Scorpio book!

These small books make ideal presents: they are beautifully illustrated, and can be sent as slightly more expensive birthday-cards! They are available in several European languages.

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