Parker’s Astrology Pack

Parker's Astrology Pack

With all our books, we have aimed to build bridges between the Sun-sign books which are so popular, and ‘real’ astrology. Of course it is good fun to read about ‘Aries’ and ‘Taurus’ and
the rest – and it is astonishing how accurately the Sun-sign characteristics mirror a person’s personality. But true astrology, which works from the date, time and place of birth to
draw up a chart showing the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets at the moment and from the place of your birth, is so much more interesting – and can tell you so much more about yourself, your lover, your friends!

Parkers’ Astrology Pack provides the easiest way yet devised for the complete beginner to set up a complete birth-chart and begin to interpret it!

Inside the box you will find a blank birth-chart, and simple tables which enable you to fill it in, showing all the planets’ positions – and then, by means of a simple see-through plotter, to note the angles they make to each other (the way professional astrologers begin to work out how they affect the ‘owner’ of the horoscope or birth-chart).

You have no calculations to do at all! – even the Midheaven and Ascending Sign, which usually have to be calculated, can be easily found by running a ruler across a page! There are also two ‘wheels’ which you can turn to indicate the traditionally associations of the twelve signs – the cars, holidays, clothes, cities, image, plants, colours associated with each sign and of course a book showing in detail how to interpret the chair.

This really is an excellent way to progress from a mild interest in the Sun-sign columns in your daily newspaper or weekly magazine, to the true astrology which has been practised for over five thousand years, and which you will find absolutely fascinating (the thing about astrology is that once you start using it, you need never be bored again!) This pack makes an excellent present – and entertaining and well-designed stickers showing the signs and planets and the associations of the signs make it possible to make up a really handsome chart to present to a friend or member of your family.

Parkers’ Astrology Pack is published by Dorling Kindersley in the UK, USA and Australia, and in translation in a number of other countries.

Of course, once you have got that far, you may well want to go further – and if so, you will need Parkers’ Astrology.