Parker’s Astrology

Parker's Astrology

Parkers’ Astrology – New Edition

Over a hundred new pages have been added to the new edition of the popular and esteemed best-selling Parkers’ Astrology, first published in 1991.

Calculating The Birth Chart

The purpose of the book remains the same: to teach the reader to calculate, set up, interpret and progress an astrological chart. The Sun-sign pages and the pages on the planets remain the same, as does the method of teaching (though it has been completely re-designed and is now easier to use). Those familiar with the original edition will recognise the generous pages on the astronomical background, the Zodiac and Solar System, the Ascendant and Midheaven, the Houses, the section on Astrology in Action with its many examples – drawn from Julia Parker’s case-books – of how astrology can be used in evaluating relationships, looking at marriage or permanent relationships, business, the family, career, change, leisure and health . . .
and the ephemeris or tables of planetary positions now stretches from 1921 to 2012 – there are over 60 pages of these tables, and you will need no extra books for your astrological work unless your subject was born outside these dates.

The Planets And You

But in the new edition many other subjects are now dealt with at length, including:

  • Chiron    This small ‘planet’ is now being increasingly used by astrologers, world-wide. We include notes on its orbit, its relationship to other planets, and its influence in each of the twelve signs and houses.
  • Eclipses and Comets    New pages explore the possible effect of eclipses and comets.
  • Fixed Stars    We now have several pages on the fixed stars and their use, with notes on interpreting Algol, Sirius, Regulus and many others, together with notes of their positions.

Fixed Stars

  • Midpoints    We explore at length the theory of midpoints, in use since the thirteenth century but fully developed in the 1930s, and deal with calculating them, exploring their effect and interpreting them – there are 23 pages of interpretations for birth charts and their influence on progressions and transits.
  • Harmonics    The theory of harmonics is one of the few modern astrological conceptions to have become respectable. We explain it thoroughly, show how to calculate them, and give examples of the four leading harmonics – the fourth, fifth, seventh and ninth.
  • Horary astrology    Horary astrology – the setting up of a chart for the moment of asking a particular question – has been much re-explored in recent years, and here we give golden rules for using it in a dozen pages which also include examples of how it is used.

Horary Astrology

  • Relocation astrology    How would you react if you suddenly had to move half-way round the world? In relocation astrology the birth-chart and progressed chart are ‘relocated’ to the place to which you are moving – or to which perhaps you feel you would like to move; even, somewhere where you would like to holiday. We demonstrate the technique of Astro*Carto*Graphy8 and how it is used.

Relocation Astrology

Parkers’ Astrology is published by Dorling Kindersley at £19.95 in the UK and $40 in the US. It is also available in Australia and New Zealand. Your bookseller should stock it, but you can also buy it from – click on the ikon on our home page.