The Complete Book of Dreams

The Complete Book of Dreams

Everyone in the world dreams six or seven dreams every night – even if they never remember any of them. Dream researchers have never discovered a single person who does not dream, though some people find it difficult to recall their dreams.

Julia became interested in dreams while working with clients as a consultant astrologer, and studied with a prominent British Jungian analyst. Derek picked up on the interest, and began studying the various theories of how dreams work with and for us. Julia devised an individual way of teaching people how to interpret their own dreams, which she has elaborated in several books on the subject, the latest of which is The Complete Book of Dreams.

Contrary to what some ‘dream books’ suggest, it is impossiblefor anyone to tell you what your dream means! Any book which tells you that a dream of a black cat means good (or bad!) luck, or that any dream definitively means anything should be thrown away! Your dream is your own private message to you, and nobody can climb inside your head and interpret it. What we can do is teach you how to question yourself about your dream, and begin to work out what the symbolism means.

There is no such thing as a meaningless dream; and since during your lifetime you will spend many years dreaming, why not make use of them? They really can answer your questions, help with your problems- and apart from that, provide a very great deal of entertainment.

Wittily illustrated, The Complete Book of Dreams teaches you how to remember and record your dreams, how to keep a dream diary, and how to learn to analyse your dreams. A number of common dream themes are explored in detail – dreams of flying, falling, dying; dreams of buildings, driving cars, losing your teeth! – and a dream thesaurus directs you to the main symbols which your unconscious is probably using in its attempt to tell you or teach you something. And a number of dreams from Julia’s casebooks are interpreted in detail, illustrating the way in which you too can understand the vital help you dreams can offer you.

The Complete Book of Dreams is published by Dorling Kindersley in the UK, US and Australia and has been translated into a number of European languages.