Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire

Fiction by Julia Parker

Julia has published two romantic novels. Hearts of Fire came out in 1995 (Piatkus) and tells the story of two young girls in the closing decade of the 19th century: precise, reserved Emma and fiery, passionate Lizzie. Emma, the daughter of a London cobbler, becomes companion and friend of elderly Lady Alston at her Kensington home, while Lizzie, her father a naval captain, is a reluctant student teacher in Plymouth. The two girls could not be more different, but their accidental meeting develops into a friendship which changes both their lives. Emma finds romance with Eustace, a clumsy young man who becomes tutor to Lizzie’s brother. Lizzie finds her own romance in an unexpected quarter. As the century ends, the two girls challenge the conventions of class and wealth and look forward to life as business partners.

This book, sadly, is not yet available in the US.

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