Your free Horoscope for March


(February 19 – March 20)

The Year Ahead. Jupiter and Saturn are helping you to keep your attitude to life and decision-making in balance. You are unlikely to make serious mistakes or act impulsively; but if tempted to do so your inner voice will tell you to think things through constructively and positively. From July, when Jupiter breaks away from Saturn, you will begin to see greater progress, but must beware of over-investing. Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in your sign for a great many years. Its overall influence enhances your romantic nature and your creativity. This year it’s working full out if your birthday falls between February 23rd and 27th . This may be a year you’ll remember, but you must keep in touch with reality especially where romance is concerned. Pluto is giving financial back-up to March 2nd , 3rd and 4th Pisceans. 76% positive

 This month. From the 1st the New Moon in Pisces gets your birthday month off to a great start. Then, and again when it’s full on the 16th, are times for partying. From the 17th Mercury enters your sign and will make life increasingly interesting and enjoyable. If you feel in need of a change of scene or want to confront a demanding challenge, Mercury will assist. The pace of your life will increase as the month ends.  95% positive


(March 21 – April 21)

You’ll be making new friends and acquaintances who will turn out to be very supportive of your charity, fund-raising activities. Be aware that for much of the month you could, more easily than usual, upset your partner - perhaps because of some incident you think is totally unimportant - but he or she may think otherwise. You are most vulnerable on the 2nd. Your best period during March is from the 21st when the Sun enters your very own, all-important sign! 75% positive


(April 22 – May 20)

During the first week of March you will do well to concentrate on any overseas issues, whether you have family or business connections in distant countries, or are making travel plans. From mid-month onwards will be a progressive period for you – if possible get plans or contracts signed and even very minor tasks under control, so that as the month ends you will have time to relax and enjoy your favourite leisure interests and the results of your hard, consistent work. 95% positive


(May 21 – June 20)

While you will feel a certain amount of strain and tension around your career or business during the first half of March, a strong influence from Mercury will bring out the independent, go-ahead side of your nature when, quite honestly, you’ll tell rivals or opponents where they can go! In retrospect you’ll soon see the amusing side of any battles fought and won and will become increasingly smug as the result of your actions, especially at the Full Moon on the 16th!  60% positive


(June21 – July 21)

If about to make an important decision, your powerful intuition will come to your aid. From experience you know it serves you well, and in addition at present due to influences from Jupiter, you are able to take a broad view of the situation and will be able to control possible over-emotional responses – especially during the first half of the month. Generally, all Cancerians are unlikely to put a foot wrong in any sphere of their lives. 75% positive


(July 22 – August 22)

You’ll be in a thoughtful mood which will result in your being generous in ways that will do good to those in need. At the same time your imagination is ace, which is excellent for creative work – from (creative?) accounting to producing your greatest masterpiece; but you’ll not want to waste a moment and will get quite annoyed if silly little problems or suggestions from your dearest interrupt your imaginative flow. Be patient – much easier when Mercury changes its influence from the 17th 75% positive


(August 23 – September 23)

A flurry of bright ideas will hit you and you’ll become so engrossed with getting them in order and developing them along practical and productive lines to your work or family’s advantage, that your usual concerns will take a back seat. Allow yourself this involvement, knowing that whatever direction it takes all will be worthwhile – don’t let a negative ‘what if?’ hold you back; be determined.. You’ll achieve most mid-month and on the 28th.  95% positive


(September 24 – October 23)

Maybe you’re rather bored with your predictable daily round – if in business you simply need fresh stimulation or inspiration. What to do? If you can travel to a totally different environment to see what’s going on, that would be ideal. If your boredom is a domestic, a make-over of your home would be disrupting but cheering. Most importantly, listen to what your children are saying – they can be surprisingly wise. Otherwise a short stay at a health resort will clear your mind!   36% positive



(October 24 – November 21)

Be prepared to find that your emotional reactions are heightened. If something moves you - such as a special piece of music, bringing back powerful memories - that’s fine; you’ll cope beautifully, as you will if you’re listening to a sob story and genuinely feel sorry for the people concerned. However, if your reactions are tinged with even a small hint of suspicion; be totally logical, and ask searching questions to get at the truth, You’re most vulnerable during the second half of March.  65% positive


(November 22 – December 21)

There’s an accent on winning – it might be some interesting contract, it might be successfully resolving a difference of opinion, or relate to a sporting or performing event involving either yourself or your children. In any case the result will increase the feel-good factor within the family. So perhaps you’ll want to celebrate. The Full Moon on the 16th or when Mercury and Jupiter get together on the 26th are both good times when – celebration or not - to have fun.  75% positive


(December 22 – January 19)

You’ll be in a forward-looking and enterprising mood, which will encourage you to move on. For instance, you might decide that you want to change your favourite car for something more cool; or having seen the very latest home entertainment centre, (with indescribably beautiful sound) you’ll go for that! Your current computer system and anything related to I.T will, in your eyes,  seem suddenly dowdy and outdated. Carry on - spend a fortune and enjoy every dazzling moment, knowing that your darlings will as well!  85% positive


(January 20 – February 18

During March concentrate on your love life – if you’ve problems with your partner the time is right for you to get them resolved and still have time for pleasant ‘kiss and make up’ sessions. The question of your need for independence might arise. Are you are not attached and long to be? Or have you decided to stay unattached and fancy free? Only you can decide. Remember all partnerships need to develop compromise, but total independence can be lonely.  50% positive