What My Lilly thought about Gemini:


Qualities of the Sign Gemini   It’s an aerial, hot, moyst, sanguine, Diurnal, common or double-bodied humain Signe; the diurnall house of Mercury; of the aery  triplicity, Westerne, Masculine.

Diseases   He signifies all Diseases or infimities in the Armes, Shoulders, Hands, corrupted Blood, Windinesse in the Veins, distempered Fancies.

Places Gemini Signifieth   Wainscot Houses, Plaistering and Wals of Houses, the Hals, or where Play is used, Hils and Mountaines, Barnes, Storehouses for Corne, Coffers, Chests, High Places.

Shape and Description   An upright, tall, straight Body either in Man or Woman, the Complexion Sanguine, not cleer, but obscure and dark, long arms, but many times the Hands and Feet short and very fleshy; a dark Haire, almost black; a strong, active Body, a good piercing hazel Eye, and wanton, and of perfect sight, of excellent understanding, and judicious in worldly affaires.

Kingdoms, Countries and Cities subject to Gemini   Lombardy, Brabant, Flanders, the West and Southwest of England, Armenia. London, Louvaine, Bruges., Norrimburg, Carduba, Hasford, Mentz, Bamberg, Cesena.

–          William Lilly, Christian Astrology (1647)