Parkers’ Prediction Pack

Parkers' Prediction Pack

Asked by our publishers to produce something ‘for the millennium’, we came up with the idea of trying to introduce readers, at a very basic level, to three major prediction techniques – the I Ching, the Tarot and the Runes.

The I Ching dates from at least 3000 years BC, and was established in China, whence it spread to the West, and particularly after being examined by the distinguished psychologist C. G. Jung became extremely popular. Throwing three ancient Chinese coins (supplied in the box which contains the pack) you construct a pattern of six broken and unbroken lines, which lead you to images and verses which apply to the question you ask. We have re-translated the ancient verses so that they are more easily understood, and you will find they comment with great accuracy on your problems – and always give good advice!

The Tarot is much better known. The Tarot cards appeared for the first time in Italy five hundred years ago, and the symbols of the cup, wand, pentacle and sword are now well-known throughout the western world. There’s an impression that you have to go to a professional Tarot ‘reader’ for advice – but you can very easily learn to use the Tarot pack of cards (a very nice one is supplied) for yourself. We show the various ‘spreads’ you can use, and provide modern translations of the ancient meanings, which you will find really have a relevance to your life and problems.

The Runes are based on an alphabet used by the ancient Norse tribes of Europe over two millennia ago. Magic powers were associated with the symbols, and they have been used steadily for predictive purposes. We introduce the Elder Futhark – 24 runes each of which has a powerful meaning. We provide a set of these, as well as telling you how to make your own if you want to – and, again, show how to use them.

So – the pack contains a set of I Ching coins, a pack of Tarot cards and a set of Runes – together with an instruction leaflet, a book of interpretations – and, in case you get confused about which discipline to use – a ‘wheel’ which advises you (according to your astrological profile) which technique you might use for queries about your love-life, business, health, career, partnership and so on.

When you really get into them, each of these means of prediction are – or can be – extremely complicated; but they are quite difficult to get to grips with, at first; and the ancient texts are quite difficult to apply to modern problems. We have provided what we really do believe is the best simple introduction to each of them – they may be too basic for you if you’re a serious practitioner; but they make, we think, a splendid ‘starter kit’ for anyone who has heard about, but never tried them.